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When you do what you love, it doesn't feel like work.

For more than 20 years, Lars has led teams and companies within marketing and sales. Lars also worked as a consultant and director in advertising agencies in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. His many years in the business has taught Lars that no matter how good the strategy, concept or work is, it always comes down to having the right people – they make all the difference.

Marketing and communication is a “peoples business”

Klaus has 13 years of experience from different larger Danish and international marketing and advertising agencies. Among other things he has been Group Account Director at AdPeople and Co+. In 2013 Klaus became partner at Holm Marcher & Co.

Klaus has entered the headhunter business with the belief that with the right “marketeer” background and with his single-minded focus on marketing, communication and digital disciplines he can set new and unseen standards in finding the right professional as well as personal match between company and candidate.

“My passion lies within finding the right employees, human resources or new positions and see how the right match in reality creates added value for the companies or the agencies we collaborate with.”

Det er mennesket, der gør forskellen

Jesper har mere end 20 års kommunikations- og marketingerfaring fra både kunde – og bureausiden. Jesper har bl.a. arbejdet som VP Marketing i Egmont, CEO for Juul & Stejle og bladsalgsdirektør hos Berlingske Tidende.

De seneste ti år har Jesper arbejdet med efteruddannelse af erfarne erhvervsledere.

”Min erfaring, både som leder og udvikling af ledere, er, at det er mennesket, der gør hele forskellen. Det lyder banalt, men dét at få de rette faglige og sociale kompetencer ombord på det rigtige tidspunkt, er noget som mange ledere ofte finder det vanskeligt at afsætte den nødvendige tid til. Dét, at være med til at finde det rigtige match og timing mellem kandidat og virksomhed, så parterne kan udvikle sig sammen, er med til at gøre min dag endnu bedre.”

Being able to combine my passion for marketing, strategy and people is a great privilege

Anne comes with more than 10 years of experience within strategic and digital marketing both from the agency and client side. She has a marketing background from Kunde & Co and before that Implement Consulting Group. In 2013 she decided to pursue a career in Geneva, Switzerland and joined the gaming company Electronic Arts (EA) as Advertising Manager where she was assigned with the responsibility of positioning EA’s largest product, FIFA globally, as well as the EA Sports’ portfolio in Europe.

Katja is studying her bachelor in Business Administration at Copenhagen Business School. Katja is interested in administration, controlling and economics and dreams of working with corporate finance after completing a Cand. Merc.

Daniel has a Bachelor in Project Management and Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School, and is currently pursuing a Master in Management of Creative Business Processes navigating between the realms of business and art. Daniel has an international background and is driven by people and creativity. He dreams to work in the agency-world driving creative people.  

Christine has a bachelor in Psychology from Aarhus University. She is now pursuing a Master’s degree in Cognition & Communication from University of Copenhagen. With interest in the psychological and social processes associated with the widespread media consumption in modern society her dream is to work at an advertising agency.

Mira is undertaking a bachelor in International Business and Politics at Copenhagen Business School. She is interested in global affairs, communications and international politics. She dreams of a career in an international organisationer, where she can apply  her knowledge of international relations with a dynamic and challenging working environment.

In 2015 Olivia finished her Bachelor’s degree in International Marketing and Communication with french as a second language from Copenhagen Business School. Olivia is passionate about marketing, language and culture and dreams about working with marketing in an international company and thereby combining her qualifications with her passion.

If you want to know who’s next or explore new business initiatives, get in touch. We’ll discuss our process, challenges and opportunities, and the future you’d like to create.

At the end of the day, it's all about people.


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